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  Computerized Design Process
  HANOL's exclusive computerized design tool, such as EXGEN System, is developed to provide design engineer with tools
  to make heat exchanger design in shorter time, with greater accuracy, and with higher quality.
  With our experts' great experience, these software tools are essential in doing many trial design to find out the optimized
  design solution. And also these programs are the basis of our best quality data sheet.

  EXGEN (Heat Exchanger Data sheet Generation System)

  EXGEN is an integrated computer software system, which makes it easy to use many thermal rating software, and once the design
  of heat exchanger is optimized by HTRI, EXGEN automatically produces Excel file of Equipment Data Sheet.
  EXGEN has the following three functional steps.
  • Tube Layout Drawing
  • Setting Plan Drawing
  • TEMA Specification Sheet


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