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  Design Scope
  HANOL's Activities

  • Basic Design of Heat Transfer Equipment
    (Thermal Rating, Tube Layout, Provision of Data Sheet)

  • Field Trouble Shooting and Technical Support Service

  • Heat Transfer Related Calculation, Design and Development

  Type of Equipment

  • Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger
    • Heater / Cooler / Condenser / Reboiler (including Thermo-siphon)
    • Reflux Condenser
    • Falling Film Evaporator

  • Air Cooled Type Heat Exchanger
    • Induced Draft Type
    • Forced Draft Type
    • Natural Draft Type

  • Heat Exchanger for Power Generation Plant
    • Feed Water Heater (High Press. / Low Press. / District Heating)
    • Closed Circuit Cooling Water Heat Exchanger
    • Steam Surface Condenser (after steam turbine)

  • Inter & After Condensers for Steam Jet Vacuum System

  • Heat Recovery System
    • Steam Generator
    • Economizer
    • Superheater
    • Air Preheater

  • Inter Cooler and After Cooler for gas compressing station

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